Porting Apps: All You Need to Know

The ‘iOS vs. Android’ debate is not new, and it isn’t likely to be settled for the foreseeable future either. We will not get into it either, because each option comes with its own set of unique pros and cons that may or may not work for a company. But we will explore a unique topic today — what do you do when you have already made up your mind about one and then end up changing your opinion later on? Okay, we will simplify it — what if you have already developed an Android app, but wish to address the iOS users as well? What are you supposed to do then? Well, in this porting is the answer to the situation.

Porting Apps

Here’s how you can convert an iOS app to Android or even vice-versa.

1. Step number 1 is to find yourself a trusted software development company because there is no shortcut to this, and you will need highly skilled experts to make the switch.

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