CAFM Software: Benefits For Facility Managers

When we walk into an office, be it the one where we work or perhaps of a government agency where we need to get a process done or some such, we never think about how much it takes to keep any building and facility running smoothly. You see, the folks in charge of these facilities don’t have to simply ensure smooth running, but also continually put out metaphorical fires, i.e. problems and challenges typically associated with operating a building and its management. To cut a long story short, facility managers don’t have it easy for their jobs. This realization has prompted companies to seek robust solutions that will tend to all these challenges while also enabling substantially better facility management.

CAFM Software

And always trust the market to come up with just the right solution for any problem; in this case, we call Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software. CAFM solutions, now fairly commonplace in the market, serve myriad roles; for starters, they enable the facility manager to see to it that the company’s entire gamut of assets are used to the best of their potential at the minimum possible cost. In addition to that, this modern type of tool for facility management also supports tangential functions, such as infrastructural and administrative tasks in the context of facility management.

Now, let’s walk you through some of their key benefits in detail:

1. Substantially better asset management: One of the most critical contributions of CAFM is facilitating processes that all building services-related equipment, such as electric supply, HVAC, fire fighting and more, are all functioning correctly at all times. It does so by enabling timely maintenance of the equipment, periodic inspection, maintenance of a requisite inventory of spare parts for such services, etc.

2. Effective time management: As noted above, facility management is not a cakewalk by any measure, with facility managers often dealing with multiple issues simultaneously. Hence, top-notch time management is imperative and CAFM helps with that as well. How? Allowing the people in charge to strategize, prioritize tasks, assign jobs, ensure seamless communication between teams, and so much more.

3. Improved collaboration: If you are thinking, “Wait, what does facility management have to do with collaboration among employees?” Well, the answer is plenty; CAFM helps teams and employees work together via the provision of relevant tools and support for the execution of tasks on time. It is also conducive to delivering a highly mobile set up in the premises, making sure all corners of the building can be used to work as productively as anywhere else.

As you can see, computer-aided facility management software can aid facility managers in every possible way. From strategic planning to even forecasting space — these new solutions are adept at ensuring seamless operations for any building. The only thing that remains, then, is to make sure that the solution you choose is one that can tend to your business’ unique requirements.



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Chris Bateson

Explorer of Technology. Loves to Stay updated with News & Trends in the Business & Tech Space.